I work with three groups of ambitious, energised leaders.


When will your business deliver you the financial freedom and lifestyle you want? What flexible, yet proven strategies will you implement to accelerate growth in profits & cash, so you amplify the value of your business at exit? And how will you achieve this and make sure you still have a Life?

C Suite

Where are your strategy gaps? Are you constrained by “the system” despite innovation been vital to the medium and long-term? Is your Exec team aligned to deliver forecast growth? Where is the cultural glue to create an unstoppable, risk managed growth trajectory?


Hunting for independent advice on internationalisation, exit design and/or growth strategy? Perhaps you require additional Non-Executive expertise to sit on the Board? Or are you at a phase where an Observer or Advisory Board may suit your strategy and governance needs better?

Clients and Partners


“Rebecca is a top-level thinker who started with us as a consultant on international partnership discussions… I highly recommend her for any consultancy work, especially in the area of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions.”

Phillip Mills

CEO, Winner, Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Les Mills International Ltd – Group Fitness

“Rebecca has provided intelligent and sound business and financial advice, and been instrumental in the development and review of our strategic planning… Don’t pass the opportunity to work with Rebecca, she’s a game changer.”

Andrew Gurr

CEO and Owner, Fusion Networks Ltd – specialist technology integrator

“Intuitive, detailed, commercially savvy, adaptive, challenging, so hard working, doesn’t suffer fools and absolute value for money…Rebecca left 6 experienced leaders exhausted after two fantastic days – Rebecca has the amazing knack to get the best from you. I’d definitely work with her again.”

Venasio-Lorenzo Crawley

Chief Customer Officer, Contact Energy Ltd, listed Gentailer

 “I would summarise some of [Rebecca’s] strengths as (1) An outright achiever, (2) A lateral thinker (3) A good motivator and (4) A great communicator. As a general comment, Rebecca thrives on the more challenging and complex opportunities and her greatest attribute is her ability to always deliver, and in a professional and timely manner.”

Gary Ivory

Partner, KPMG Deal Advisory


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