If you are considering a major initiative that is not within the normal scope of operations, why not seek independent advice to assist the Board in its decision-making?

Major shifts in focus, opportunity and risk can benefit from third-party, specialist input to assist a high-functioning Board in setting strategy and delivering effective governance.

Where internationalisation, exit design and growth strategy trigger the desire for further guidance, I’d be delighted to discuss how I might help.

However, if you have other needs that would benefit from independent advice, I can engage with my Director network to assist you to find the expertise you need.


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Are you looking for new Non-Executive Director (NED) talent?

If you feel the time is right to add a NED to your Board, who has wide ranging experience in internationalisation, exit design, cultural alignment and growth strategy, I may fit your company’s needs.

Having completed a Financial Times Diploma in Non-Executive Directorship on my return to UK, I am keenly aware of what a superbly functioning Board can ‘bring to the table’ to support fast-tracking success within an appropriately risk managed environment.

As such, I am seeking opportunities with ambitious, fast growing companies, which expect to extract the maximum benefit from their Board to achieve their objectives.


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An Advisory Board (AB) can be an excellent and very flexible way to get third-party input without impacting the voting rights of the company.

There is no formal structure required for an AB, meaning the AB can meet with the senior management team as and when required.
Typically, an AB would reflect expertise in marketing, HR, finance, digital and legal arenas, so that management has an appropriate sounding board, when needed.

By contrast, an Observer sits alongside a formally appointed Board with a remit to receive Board papers, listen and comment during Board meetings, without having the right to vote.

They are also a very effective means of adding expertise to the Board when needed, without the necessity of a formal appointment.

To find out more about my background working Boards, please download my Board Pack now


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