Want to disrupt, energise and refocus your strategic thinking?


There’s no denying it.

Disruption and sector convergence have become ‘business as usual’ and cognitive computing is creating automation opportunities that were hitherto futuristic.

In response, strategic thinking must be informed by both linear and lateral influences more flexibly than ever before.

Yet to achieve optimal strategic thinking, you still can’t beat getting people together in a room working with feverish and enjoyable intensity on strategy.

This is where in-person interaction still trumps other alternatives, as they stand today. And the bonus is that it’s great fun too.


Yet that’s about as old school as it gets when getting ready for a major shift in strategic thinking.


Preparing for game changing strategy sessions demands a unique process combined with well-timed commercial challenge.

Applying strategy planning processes without contextual rigour increases the risk of developing strategy that is:

  • Insufficiently attuned to the future, and
  • Not subject to rigorous pressure testing for practicality.

To prepare for game changing strategic thinking, we take a deep dive into the sector to inform a range of one to one confidential interviews held across different parts of the organisation.

This is where most of the work happens.

It provides the vital building blocks to co-create a strategy session with you that fits the culture of your team and organisation, while reflecting your competitive landscape.



Are your Executive Team bringing their ‘A’ game to the table every day?

Daily even hourly, the business environment barrages us with both opportunity and challenge. Leaders run a constant tight rope, balancing intrapreneurship with risk management, while managing their careers along a sufficiently exciting and rewarding trajectory.

While Business Coaches are a normal part of Entrepreneurial life, Executive Coaching can still be overlooked as an opportunity to supercharge corporate and personal success.

Whether a leader is an introvert, extrovert or ambivert, providing tailored, independent guidance to C-Suite members can catalyse the ‘rocket fuel’ to push the organisation beyond its expectations.

Who in your C-Suite would benefit from an Executive Coach?


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